Bukit Gambang Water Park offers non-stop fun and excitement in an area spanning across 60 acres! Among the unique and fascinating attractions available include a man-made 20-acre lake with breathtaking views and also suitable for a wide variety of fun water sports.

Check out the 25,000 sq ft wave pool that will surely offer a whale of a time! You wouldn’t want to miss the family river raft rides and the amazing 6 Lane Racer slides with a timing scoreboard

Every adult ride in the park comes with its own kid-sized replica. Not only can children enjoy getting wet in rides created with them in mind, the plentiful children-only additions may make even adults wish they were young again. With the Children Fantasy Island (“Penguin Island”), Special Kidz Zone, The Adventure Typhoon River as well as a 1 kilometer long man-made sandy beach, never-ending fun and merriment awaits for the young and the young-at-heart!


Carrying a purseful of money while you’re trying to have fun is a real party pooper. Wouldn’t it be great is everything was charged electrically to your account instead? You’ll be able to do just that at Bukit Gambang Water Park utilising what is the first of its kind e-value system in Malaysia; all transactions are automatically deducted from a prepaid wristband. So just walk up to the stall of your nearest F&B stall, pick out your favourite item and pay for it with your pre-loaded wristband. Now, that’s real convenience for you!


Wave Pool (The Largest in Malaysia)

Who’d believe that you’d be able to surf in the middle of a jungle? Not on treetops like Tarzan but actual rolling water swells right here at Malaysia’s biggest wave pool, Coco Beach Wave Pool. It’s just like a real beach, only better.

Kids Slide

When it comes to having a blast, kids are always raring for more. But little legs get tired quickly on adult-sized water rides so we’ve created this just for them. Small in size but big on fun, the specially constructed Kids Slide is just the thing for energetic children.

Aqua Play

A mini theme park in itself, Aqua Play is filled with engaging water amusement that’s bound to excite. Wait as the giant water tub fills up and dumps hundreds of liters of water on unsuspecting visitors below. Try avoiding the water cannons that shoot random bursts of water at the same. Family time doesn’t get any better than this.

Glacier River / Journey of Ice

Grab a tube and let the slow flowing waters of the Glacier River take you on a relaxing ride that circles the entire park. Soak in some sun, chill out and enjoy the views. It’s the best way to recharge before heading back to the more adventurous rides the park has to offer.

6 Lane Racer (The longest in Malaysia)

Climb up multiple flights of stairs to reach the top where you’ll get ready in your individual racer slide. The gates open and down you go, sliding past your friends towards the bottom at blinding speeds. Not satisfied? Do it again.

Crystal Slide

Built by world-renowned water amusement specialists, they’re filled with twists and turns that are bound to delight. Special translucent casing lets you view the outside but that won’t matter as you scream your way down the awesome ride.

Galaxy Slide

Galaxy is the Water Park’s resident giant straw and it’s got some crazy screws that’s guaranteed to excite. Being a totally enclosed slide makes it even more exciting because you never know which way you’re going until the ride ends in a big splash.

Canopy Slide

Grab tight to your float as it rushes down the half-pipe slide at incredible speed. Move sideways at the multiple turns while feeling the water splash around, pushing you faster downhill. This is as close to jungle tree surfing as you will get.

Family Raft Ride (The longest in Malaysia)

Take the whole family on an observatory cruise in the Family Raft Ride. Our plus-sized rafts are constructed to fit the entire family in relative comfort and safety for your peace of mind while everyone gets an introductory lap of the amazing adventure that awaits them at the Water Park.

COCO BEACH - Wave Pool (The Largest in Malaysia)
Aqua Play
Glacier River / Journey of Ice
TREE TOP HILL SLIDES - 6 Lane Racer (The longest in Malaysia)
Family Raft Ride (The longest in Malaysia)
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